5 Attributes of a Successful Entrepreneur

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A successful entrepreneur

If really, you want to become a successful entrepreneur you must exhibit these five attributes:

#1: A risk taker – when I talk about a risk taker, I don’t mean people who gamble with their money and properties, but you feel sure for the firm, such as your income, you feel sure for your customers, you also feel sure for your products. I mean, you take calculated risks.

#2: A man or a woman of confidence – if you must be a successful entrepreneur, it means you are ready to run to people who would likely discourage you; telling you, you can not do this or that. It is very, very important to get through those tough times.

The sure way to overcome those things is to appear overly, confident in starting your business to accomplish your aim. Inc.com recently listed 6 Simple Ways You Can Build Self-Confidence and Succeed

#3: A jack of all trades – what we mean by that is when you start your new business you tend to do everything. You do bookkeeping, follow the account, looking at the payments, you will also be a sales guy, and marketing has to go with it.

If you are an engineer, you also have to be an operations guy. So you must learn all those things, and in this book, we are going to talk about many things that can make your business a success.

#4: Decision-making – decision-making is similar to risk-taking, but the main thing is that as a new business you can quickly make and carry out your decisions compared to a large corporation. It may be a good information, but there is a need to make that decision. So as a good entrepreneur when you are wrong, you move on.

#5: Trusting your guts – a. You are right because a data back up your claim b. You convince yourself that you are right. That is trusting your guts.

This is where you learn about entrepreneurship and then check if it is right for you. If it is then below areĀ 7 facts you need to consider before applying any business ideas. So, I use this medium to encourage youths in Nigeria, Africa and beyond to embrace entrepreneurship which will enable them to create job opportunities.


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